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Catapult your e-commerce domain into the future with our pioneering Data Solutions, where technology and innovation converge to craft personalized experiences and fuel strategic excellence.

Solutions for your e-comm business to make an impact:

Shopping Online

Advanced Search and Product Discovery

  • Deliver lightning-fast, accurate results with our advanced search engine, powered by Elasticsearch/OpenSearch.

  • Fine-tune search results to perfection.

  • Predict user intent with AI-driven autocomplete.

  • Let customers find products effortlessly by uploading images.

Optimised Product Management

  • Seamlessly manage your product journey from inception to retirement.

  • Organize your catalog efficiently for improved discoverability by automating product tagging with AI.

  • Create compelling product summaries effortlessly.

  • Maintain impeccable product data quality with AI-driven insights.

Image by John Schnobrich
Running with Shopping Bags

Personalized Recommendations

  • Tailor recommendations based on User Behavior.

  • Drive additional sales by suggesting complimentary products.

  • Expand options with related product recommendation.

  • Foster engagement and loyalty with personalized suggestions based on Users' browsing history.

Uncover Insights with Enterprise Data Solutions

  • Unlock a holistic view for strategic decision-making, manage enterprise data with DataLake.

  • Leverage Clickstream and User Activity Tracking to understand user behavior with precision.

  • Deliver personalized experiences across all touchpoints with our Customer Data Platform.

  • Visualise trends and performance with enterprise reporting using powerBI/Tableu.

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Image by Jason Goodman

Engage Through Merchandising and Dynamic Experiences

  • Create captivating first impressions, make dynamic homepage to showcase relevant content and promotions.

  • Maximise reach with targeted ads to connect with your audience effectively.

Unlock endless possibilities with our comprehensive Data Solutions
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